On the subject of forests- the REFOREST FEST is in May!

Jamie Jupiter will head up the entertainment.
Jamie Jupiter will head up the entertainment.

Band Banner JAMIE J

As we were driving home from school the other day my 10 year old daughter gasped when she noticed a whole section of forest that had been cut down on the mountain.  “There should be a law that for every tree that is cut down another one is planted in its place.” She said.  I must agree.  Of course there should be such a law.  In every country there should be a law like that, or even one that goes, that for every tree cut down two more are planted to make up for the extra ones that have been cut down already.  There’s a lot of catching up to do.  Not to mention fighting climate change and Co2 emissions by counteracting them with extra oxygen breathing trees.  And then there is all the biodiversity issues. All the species that have become extinct due to loss of habitat and climate change.  Plant some more trees.  Well, for all the people who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information they get swamped with every day and a bit powerless about it, here is your chance to do something to make a difference, while simultaneously having a meaningful, healthy good-clean fun weekend with your family and enjoying some time out in nature with the tree-spirits.

Greenpop is organising a REforrest festival at the beautiful Platbos indigenous ancient forest near Gansbaai from the 9th to the 11th of May.  This is a weekend you can set aside to spend  with your family – actually together – (where the kids are not hiding in their rooms playing video games or watching DVD’s.) Why does that happen in so many homes?  Not this weekend:  during the day, the entire family will be out of couch potato mode and active, and working together to plant trees into the ground, taking occasional breaks for instrument making and hula-hooping.  (Hammocks may be hung at your own risk, and only for the very tired. The very young and the very old.)  After a fun-filled day of planting and activities, you dance together to live music before calling it an early night under the stars, surrounded by the beautiful Platbos Forest.    If you attend the family fest, you will be treated to a performance by Jamie Jupiter.  Here is a recording of his song Mama Yea:  It’s a  feel-good song about Mama Africa and participation.  There will also be a set by DJ Pure, Pat McKay of Two Minute Puzzle and Zoe and Vusa from Zula sound bar.



The indigenous forest at Platbos is so ancient that some of the trees are up  to 1000 years old.   Sadly  this rare eco-system is in danger of being lost.  Greenpop – a social enterprise that aims to inspire people about getting active towards a sustainable future – partnered with Platbos to run this festival of action and make an actual difference in the ancient South African forest.

Going on its fourth year, this POPular festival aims to (re)connect families with the planet by giving everyone the chance to get active by helping plant 3,000 to 4,000 trees over the weekend. The family festival includes activities for all-ages to enjoy including yoga, forest walks, hula hooping, interactive musical sessions, and arts and crafts. Last year, attendees ranged from 1 to 75 years old so activities are really designed to entertain everyone in the family.


Everyone attending the festival will also receive six delicious meals from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast.

“Having meals provided is wonderfull”  Says Tina who attended last years festival.  “It takes the sting out of camping not having to worry about packing food etc.”  She also pointed out that this is a festival-with- a-purpose, which feels good.  One is not just going for ones own indulgence.  One is doing it for something bigger, and that makes it special.

You can sing “Mama Yeah”  to your mama on Sunday, when there will be a special tree planting for Mother’s Day. By planting a tree together on mothers day you can perform a meaningful and practical ritual by creating a gift that grows and generates new life. It is the most eco-logical gift you could give.  Only 300 tickets are available for this event, so buy yours today! Tickets cost R590 for adults and R390 for children and includes camping, food, tools, fun activities, and trees. For those not keen on camping, you are free to find other accommodation around the site. Also, Faithful to Nature is giving all attendees a R75 voucher to spend on their website! You can buy presents for the whole family like biodegradable sunscreen, natural snacks, and plant-friendly water bottles.

Greenpop also has a Trees for Ticket program where you can raise 10 trees and earn a free placement at Platbos. If interested, start a GivenGain page and start tree-raising now!

Join the Treevolution – get digging at Platbos!


PLATBOS REFOREST FEST takes place over two weekends- aiming to plant 8,000 trees! From 9th to 11th May (Family Fest)

and 16th to 18th May (Friends Fest)

Family Fest includes activities for all-ages to enjoy including yoga, forest walks, hula hooping, interactive musical sessions, and arts and crafts. Friends Fest occurs the second weekend of the festival and has more of a party vibe.

See the facebook event for more info:





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