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Heaven and hell are states of mind.  We create them every day in every moment. In each moment we can choose whether to fall down the rabbit hole of fear or slip into the bliss of love. There is so much that needs to change about the unsustainable way humans are using and abusing our environmental resources.  There is no doubt about that,  but I believe that we can change the world if each of us as individuals start to think global and act locally with an intention to heal the earth.  It starts with self-care and self-love.  One cannot save the world without taking care of oneself on a soul level first. I have learned this by trial and error.  Trying to save the world without taking care of oneself – on all levels- body mind and spirit tends to lead to burnout or some other form of ill health, which of course means that you can’t be a superhero anymore.

Healing the earth sounds like an insurmountable task, but it is possible to begin the shift when we start with ourselves.  We can help by becoming more conscious of our everyday choices and finding simple things we can do to help heal the earth around us in our immediate environment, in our everyday lives.  Choosing to live this way creates ripples in our pond which can move on out to help shift the bigger picture.  Starting small we affect the whole.

“Earthnotes for hope”  is the blog I have been writing since 2012.  My intention has been to share examples and positive stories of people and organizations who are living consciously on earth in whatever way they can.  In this way, I hope that this blog will become a resource by connecting people and initiatives working for a common cause… and by doing this, connecting the dots on the road map to hope and change.

I am Helena Kingwill, I have worked as a free-lance journalist, documentary researcher, independent film-maker and content creator/ multi-media company: Earth Shine Productions. (E.S.P.) and since 2020- Wild Healing- a co-operative creative healing and wellness collective, which includes natural medicine, therapies and retreats.  Read more about this @



7 thoughts on “Earthnotes for Hope -authentic stories of hope

  1. By the way… “Connecting the dots” is something to watch out for. A new project on the boil…bubble, bubble…

  2. Dear Helena – Hope this finds you well. Been trying to contact you via Facebook Messenger but with no luck. I am looking to undertake a research project on Vaalputs Nuclear Waste Facility – interviews and photographic documentary and wondered if you could share any advice on how you managed to gain access to the site. I am registered for the Mphil in Environemtal Humanities at UCT with a shared friend Michelle Pressend. Regards, Neil.

  3. Hi Helena

    What I think about the universe, Earth, the animal kingdom and humanity: The universe is run on quantum probabilities, e.g. like in a quantum computer. According to these probabilities, these has to be a choice between good and evil, which each person has to make for himself. Unfortunately animals do not have a choice, but have to follow built-in ways of conduct. This shows that there is a computer program operating the universe, which lays down all the laws. We as the only species that has the ability to assess the world as it is, must band together to agitate for a better program. The present program forces us to kill animals to obtain the necessary energy (food), and it forces us to live in an unfriendly world where murder, corruption, abuse, hunger and poverty is rife.

  4. I believe there is a more beautiful world possible. It may come only when those who live with delusions of grandeur are humbled. The Universal forces are stronger than us, but we forget that until some natural disaster or event shows us the power of nature. The first peoples were much more humble. They (I am thinking of the Khoi San) were guided to seek and be granted permission in the process of the hunt and paid homage to the animal afterwards. They had to work very hard for it and did not hunt more than they could eat. They made the most of every morsel, tooth, nail and skin. There was no waste. One day we may be forced back to those humble ways. The meek shall inherit the earth, unless we can evolve, unless… unless.. as Dr, Seus said…. unless…. we wake up and realize that there is enough and we are enough and we don’t need more than we can use.

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