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  1. What is the thing that puts me in the timeless space of bliss and love? It is when I am deep in the space of healing, connecting with the Divine and playing the role of conduit for whomever is needing healing. I believe all healing comes from Love and that it is the frequency of Life as it is designed to be lived. My other path to Bliss is probably dance when I allow my body to express my heart at that time. Loving your blog Helena

  2. I have begun a journey which took me 52 years to start. Why so long to start on the path to my timeless space? I had another journey to take before I was ready for the one I am only just beginning. I had to learn to love others first. I grew up in a loveless home. Violence was the norm. When I graduated from school, I met a man whom I thought loved me, and we fled our childhoods in search of life. Alas, his notion of love and mine were not the same, and he left. But not before he had given me my most valuable treasures: my two children. My children showed me what really loving someone else was all about. They have taught me just as much about life as I hope I have taught them. They make my heart happy. We never had money, We didn’t need it, because we had each other. But now they have both grown up and set out upon their own journeys, and I am alone.
    So I have set out on the next road, which is to find out how to love myself. I am an artist in my soul, and my mind, and even my spirit. It has been patiently waiting for me to learn enough to let the past of pain go and replace it with love and joy. I find blessings and bliss when sculpting, when drawing, even when painting or working with a number of other mediums. I want to do it all, to learn and grow and sing and create. I no longer have a time schedule, and while finances still come up, they are not my main concern. I want to learn to be happy with myself and to express that happiness through my art. That tiny voice in me that leads me forward, to being myself, for myself.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I relate to your journey. I am finding the courage to embark on a similar path. Loving myself enough to allow that voice to grow. So that it may be heard. One step at a time. Push back fear and doubt and focus on bliss, love and creativity and trust the universe. Just believe. You can because you can.

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