What I Do

Creating awareness through multi-media storytelling

In 2002, I attended the World Summit for Sustainable development (Rio+10) in Johannesburg in 2002, I was working as a reporter for The Big Issue magazine while seeking funding for my documentary: “ Buried in Earthskin.”

World leaders, politicians and environmental activists alike converged on one city to discuss the fate of the planet.  I joined a march, which took place from Alexandra township to Sandton.  Thousands of people representing civil society organizations from all over the world, marching on Sandton where the politicians and corporate leaders were meeting in marbled halls to make massive decisions, which would affect us all. The experience was an eye-opener.  It showed me how powerful civil-society was, and that it was possible for the “People” to stand up to the “People in power.”   But it was sad to see how deaf and blind the “People in power” were.

For the first time, I understood the implications of globalization. The feature article I was working on for the Big Issue was about Globalization and what it meant. So I got a real insight into it. I was lucky to get interviews with some very informed and insightful people who opened my eyes to this phenomenon which is underlying everything. It is the driving economic force behind a lot of political decisions.

Since then, I have worked towards increasing my knowledge around all the issues contributing to the environmental crisis now threatening the planet.  My work has led me to broaden my understanding of these matters.  Constant learning and growing, which begins at home with parenting and re-living childhood, and expands onwards and outwards into trying to save the world… we can only try!  I believe that creating awareness can be done through all art forms and disciplines.  I am constantly seeking new ways and being inspired by others who are living and working this way.  My blog “Earthnotes for hope” is an instrument for describing people and concepts that I am excited by on this journey.


For examples of my work published over time in various print publications, see here: Feature articles

To read some of my parenting articles, click here: Feature Writing -Aware Parenting

To see some of my documentary work, click here: Green Unplugged International Film Festival (online) 2013 – You can watch the whole film on this link.

Buried in Earthskin was screened at the Uranium film festival at the World Summit for Sustainable development in Rio 2012 and received an award.

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