So Be It- a mortal poem

Death is the other side

Of life’s coin

Sometimes, it falls

death side up.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise-

Given the statistics.

Sometimes the coin falls that way,

It’s not the end of the world-

No matter how one feels -the game goes on.


Some people don’t want to look at death,

They say it’s too heavy, too dark, too frightening,

But life is not all candy-floss and roses,

Death is just a breath away.

It’s so close that we can touch it,

And it can touch us, and that’s okay.


Some, who have been close and returned,

Tell us death is a state of being


and all with one.



Time spirals into the labyrinth

Endlessly, like sand blowing

across the desert.

No rush, the grains don’t run out

No hour glass pressure.  No state of lack.

Those who have been to the edge- and back,

recognize that True Magnificence

is a state of being.

It is the state from which we came

and the state to which we return.

One does not have to die to rest in peace.

Dive in deeply to the depths of being

reach all the way to the still silence

– beneath the waves,

stretch to the sky, breathe it in

on fully extended wings.


Be magnificent — as a fruit tree -blossoming

so that when the petals fall,

And the seeds are sewn to the wind,

Along with the ashes of all life’s fires,

There will be peace in knowing

That this is not the end,

it is only the turning of a beautiful cycle.



(Poem inspired by Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to be Me.”



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