Plea for Awakening-a call for change

Plea for Earth Awakening – By Helena Kingwill

Beneath the surface,

the earth stirs into a spiral.

The alchemy of the turning gyre

Swirls like potion in Lillith’s cauldron

Deep down in the belly of earth

– a wisdom

Like a warm presence

Awaits recognition.

Meanwhile, earth quakes, tsunami waves, wind storm rages

Dust to dust, earth to earth,

Natural cycle returning death to life.

Teaming with organisms.

My wish for the earth now,

Is that we could awaken before it’s too late.

Each of us has come from earthmotherbelly,

and to earth-body we will return,

In our individuality we remain in essence –

a microcosm of the whole.

When will we wake up from our self-importance

And realize the earth’s message?

Hear those earth-cells inside us,

Singing…crying, shaking each other

building to a critical point,

-a wave of realization

sweeping through us all-

even those at the helms of the power machines are affected.

There is something building, bigger than any of us, bigger than politics,

bigger than money.

A rainbow spiral beginning in the centre of the earth

rising up into all of humanity through a collective consciousness we all hold in our earth – cells.

Bringing us to all of our senses.

The realization of our response-abiltiy

The choice  whether to step into that power is either

The wake up call

or the fall of all.



Awakening begins with each individual:

Taking responsibility for our own domestic waste,

our shadows, our shit- it’s compost. Work it.

Sewing the seeds.  Harvesting the fruits.

More than enough to share.

We must unhook ourselves from the myth of materialism,

decide to take care of what we have, with gratitude.

Treat each other and-our earth-resources,  with respect.

Create consciousness in all we use.

Allow Flow, through generous exchange-not hoarding and holding.

Because there is more than enough for everyone’s need.

But not for everyone’s greed.





Response- able


Are we going to see, hear, touch feel, intuit a new way of being, or is it going to be

Our survival -versus the extinction of millions of species?

This is a call for change.

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