Moments alone

Moments are not like things
You can’t hold on to them.
When they pass – they are gone forever.
Being Present is the most one can do.
In Nature, all is timeless.
Wild creatures survive by being sharply aware
in each endless moment – tuned
and at one
with all
at all times.
Ecstatically tuned to the wind
with all their senses.

In our trying to hold on to things and make them our own.
We forget that the reason for owning the preciousness of each moment
is that we have to live it and let it go.
Like Gold, frankincense, and myrrh
given to the Christ Child by the wise prophets who came from the East.

Each one can be transformed.

Each had an auspicious purpose in the Alchemy of his life. To  be transformed.  Not kept.

Being travellers, the Magi did not mean to burden the Christ Child with excess baggage on his journey of life.

owlhouse 6owlhouse 2
owlhouse 5

Moments can’t be held onto or hoarded, only memories can,
but memories are not moments, they are figments,
folded and dried,
like petals
in an old book.



P.S.  All photo’s are available for sale as prints.  Contact me if you would like to order one.

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