Change is in the air- have no fear-its transformation time

Change is in the air…
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Columns of smoke, rise up into the icy air. The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, a gentle cold breeze blows from the sea. The seasons are changing again.
Change is under our feet.
A mole dug a hole right up under the bookcase in our house. Don’t ask how it got through the concrete. Perhaps he was searching for knowledge. More information? Just like me. Always searching for answers. Answers to why the earth feels so strange right now.
Ants are on the march. Mice scuttle.
The classroom is filled with stern-faced parents.
The teacher is leaving us in the middle of the year, and we thought we had her for seven.
– Lamentations. Whose fault is it? Why? What now? It’s so sudden.
I phone a friend. How are you? “My husband is leaving me,” she cries. Broken-hearted shock echoes in the tones. “What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know….”

We are all up against a wall. The wall is cracking, Bricks are falling down under a blood moon.
Helpless. “Lie down and rest.” I tell her. “Then take a drive. Go home back to where you came from. Back to the old familiar places.”
I do it too. Searching for something i once knew. But nothing is the same. Everything has changed. There is no escape. It’s everywhere.
Change is so strange and so sudden. I try to rescue… What can I do to help? I suggest a plan of action. Ways to take control. (I’m being like my mother. It’s much easier when telling others what to do.)
Who’s going to advise me? I would rather advise others. I say it to the world and it echoes back to me from the walls of my hermit cave.

Trust your instincts.
Trust? But we feel betrayed.
Believe in yourself.
Believe? Who? Who am I?
Time to go within and find out.
Believe in the greater good that is your higher self, that is the bigger picture.
Trust the Universe. Rise above.

This is it. The economic and environmental crisis we knew was coming.
It’s here. The time of uncertainty, between the crumbling of one order and the building of the new.

It’s the time between stories, the liminal realm.

Start with acceptance. No point in denial and blame.
In a time of crisis, a true community is formed.

There are simple steps to making things work more efficiency, but first we have to let go of our dependencies and take some responsibility.
We have to wean ourselves off our addictions and old habits.

Take a step off the old track, don’t be afraid to derail the train,

it doesn’t need those old rails anymore, the train has wings, its learning to fly.

Look!   Those slow coaches are transforming into birds! And now they are taking flight into the milky sky.

We are learning a new way of being.

No longer can follow one another blindly along a track.

We are being forced to find new ways of self-sufficiency within interdependency.
Those of us who hang onto security will be suffering more.  As they will be heavy and hanging on.

Feeling frightened.

Lead weight.  Dead weight, then it’s too late.

Each one needs to let go and find their own power, or they will drown those they hang onto.

The earth is moving into a time of great uncertainty.
In the shadow of this eclipse of consciousness, find the light to shine through the darkness.
Clean the windows, dust out the cobwebs, find sanity in small things.
Mend what is broken.
Allow yourself to feel.

Move slowly if you need to.  There is no rush.  There is only now.
Acceptance means being in the here presently and letting go.
Letting go is the answer. Letting go by giving away.

Give and it will be returned with abundance.
Allow flow.

Then find Balance.

And glide like an eagle through the world winds.
River in the Karoo




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