Rain flowers

Rainflowers by Helena Doe

Every evening, thunderstorms. The scent of rain-flowers call all the creatures of the desert.  The birds and the bees.

They feast on the nectar.

God controls the water. All the creatures know that. They call to the heavens for rain.

The scent comes first. Then the rain, the storm, the water.

Nobody but God controls the water round here.
Anyone who tries to control the water, tries to play God.
Anyone who tries to play God, gets what he deserves.
End of story.



I have worked as a freelance journalist and film maker as well as television researcher for documentary programs. My subjects have ranged from artists profiles and band interviews to investigative journalism and deep research into matters like nuclear power and agriculture and fisheries to parenting as I became a mother of two. I live in South Africa. (Cape Town is my base, but I travel sometimes.) I am constantly seeking ways to live more consciously, finding inspiration from people I meet along the way and places I go. Hoping not to give up on hope in regards to the state of the planet. Seeking to expose truths and celebrate beauty and innovation and inspiration. Constantly seeking and trying to understand the deep waves that make things move around here.

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