Time to look on the bright side: rise up and shift poverty


Now for some better news.  Poverty is a state of mind, on some level we all know that, but its hard to believe.  Especially when we are oppressed by the reality of it. It’s amazing how being totally broke can undermine ones self-esteem. It stems from a feeling of powerlessness, because money is energy. So having no money can make one feel as if one has no energy, but when one has no money, one needs lots of energy to get out of the state of having no money. It is overwhelming and makes one feel like giving up.  One finds oneself having to compremise on so many choices, and this can result in low-self esteem.  Having low self-esteem sets a whole pattern of self-destructive behaviour into action.  This includes buying junk food because its cheaper, which inevitably undermines ones health and energy levels too.

What’s more, as Desmond Tutu pointed out, when people toss their plastic rubbish into a bush, (which is something that happens a lot in SA) while eating their low-value food, they are on a subconscious level telling the universe that they don’t care about themselves or their environment- so on a level they are throwing their lives away, or giving up. This may seem a bit extreme, but I understand what he means.  It is true that we are all connected with each other and with our environment whether we feel it or not.   Value-ing oneself means choosing to value the people and things around one.  It’s a victim versus creator decision.

However, when one’s energy bank balance is low.  When your “chi” or inner- strength inner chutzpah, inner fire is on a low ebb, then the decisions one makes on a day-to-day level, whether they be conscious or not, tend to be low energy decisions, which create more low-life, low energy situations and consequences.  It is also likely that when one is feeling that way, take it from someone who knows the feeling, then it  most likely that one is feeling quite disconnected from the people and environment.  When one is feeling low, one usually feels isolated and disconnected, and consequently would not care much about the people and environment.  However, when you have more life-force and are feeling brighter and more chipper, there is more chance that you will make happier, more positive choices.  When you are feeling abundant, you will be generous and set patterns of generosity in motion, which will return to you tenfold.  That is one of the universal laws I have recently been observing.

I am therefore most delighted to have discovered this  ted-talk by Bono, because it so ties in with the theme of my blog and the theme of my life at the moment.  I am still trying to unravel this ball of wisdom, it takes so many forms.  What’s interesting, is that according to my above mentioned theory, Bono is a good example of a person with high-energy on a body and soul level.  He certainly does not have issues with low self-esteem, for example, being a world renowned rock star… and in the close ups, you can see that he smiles a lot, because he has smile lines that go upwards.  The way one thinks is how one ends up looking when one ages.  Bono has been thinking big and acting big and living huge in carrying out his choices to use his energy and power for positive initiatives that will help to shift and change the environment around him on a global level.  And he clearly does it with a sense of humour and a lightness of being. I love to witness that. Its an inspiration. There are only a few of us that are able to operate on the level Bono is working on, but each moment the same choices come no matter where we are at.  On a day-to-day basis, remember, that you can’t go back in time.  If something matters to you now, and you would like to do something about it.  Do it now, don’t wait and regret it.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow.  Follow your heart today.

3 thoughts on “Time to look on the bright side: rise up and shift poverty

  1. Would love to think that being broke does not equal poverty, neither does having money mean you you rich or wealthy. Would like to think that the worst form of poverty is not the want for food but ignorance and a lack of liberating knowledge or failure to apply it.

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